Geometric studies
Follow up on a previous project, 36 Days of Type, I tried to use the experiences I gathered during the 36-day challenge, and extend that visual atmosphere a little further. As before, I wanted to create 2D images, using only very few colours and strict geometric elements that can also be seen as 3D objects.
Makrohang . Tour posters
Various flyers and tour posters created for the Hungarian instrumental math-jazz band Makrohang. Here, I used my photographs and some generative versions of them made with Processing. These images were often augmented by vector illustrations to match their noisy but incredibly precise music. The rest of the posters can be seen here while you can check their music here.
Illustration, Layout, Photography
Makrohang . Visuals for live acts
A pre-recorded, custom made video set that was used in addition to their concerts during the Europe tour in 2015 and also on their show together with Shigeto. The videos mainly showcases video footage I took and then edited with Processing.
Photography, Video
Paraphrase is an on-going experiment I’m started working on back in 2012. The aim of this project is to translate my photographs of characteristic architectural lines into the minimalist language of geometrical forms. It started as a lines-only illustration series, but since then it went through several iterations - as the number of subjects grows, I’m constantly looking for a visual form and concept that fits the purpose of this project.

The list of buildings and locations:
1. Schneeberg Visitor Center - Austria 2. Swimming Pool - Szombathely, Hungary 3. Wooden cottage - Lofoten, Norway 4. Shopping mall near Bukit Bintang - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - NYC, USA 6. White City - Tel Aviv, Israel 7. Oslo Opera House - Norway 8. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - NYC, USA 9. Monument to the WWII Yugoslav Partisan detachment - Belgrade, Serbia 10. Oslo Opera House - Norway
Illustration, Photography
Logo and artwork for Berlin-based producer and DJ, Ferdinand Weber’s monthly podcast series called F A V S. Here the concept was to make different illustrations using geometrical forms for each session, while keeping the 3 colors and the style consistent through the whole series.
Branding, Illustration, Layout
Krisztina Danyi
Portfolio website and logo design for Krisztina Dányi, also known by her stage name morningdeer, Hungarian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer.
Front-end, Layout
Central Publishing
Central Publishing is a new company promoting and sharing undiscovered music from the heart of Central-Europe. The site was a project in collaboration with Aron Hujber - his job was to design the layout, while I took care of front- and back-end development processes.
Amnesty International microsite
Small project for Amnesty International in collaboration with Young and Rubicam Budapest. The site displayed 10 essays with illustrations in the form of a parallax scroll microsite to draw attention to how women are mistreated in some parts of South Africa. The project was shortlisted at the Cannes Lions Festival in 2015.
AXN Android app
AXN television channel is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures. I was assigned to develop the concept of an app supporting their VOD business and promoting the channel’s online and television content. I was also in charge of client side project management.
Concept, Layout
Noon Pacific
Cover for NP’s weekly edition, made back in 2015. Noon Pacific is a daily podcast with more than 250.000 listeners. You can check their sessions here by clicking here.
Layout, Photography
Koszivu Ember Fiai
Photo-based artwork for the latest EP of Hungarian pan-desert rock band Koszivu Ember Fiai. You can listen to the EP here.
Layout, Photography
Ferdinan Weber
Ferdinand Weber is a Berlin-based producer and DJ. I designed several artworks for his releases since 2016, including Sun and I Can Love You.
Logo and artwork for Berlin-based producer and DJ, Ferdinand Weber’s monthly podcast series called F A V S. Here the concept was to make different illustrations using geometrical forms for each session, while keeping the 3 colors and the style consistent through the whole series.
Branding, Illustration, Layout
Morningdeer - Suddenly Sarah
Artwork for the first chapter of long-time collaborator morningdeer’s EP, ‘The Four Painters’.
Layout, Photography
Hey Exit - Glasswing
Hey Exit is an experimental project of Brendan Landis, a Brooklyn-based musician. I was invited to create artwork for his record, which was released as a cassette in 2014. You can pick up one here.
Morningdeer . Tour posters
Various flyers made for the lovely morningdeer, using some of the photos I took of her back in 2013. Krisztina Dányi, a.k.a. morningdeer, is a Hungarian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Her sound has been categorised as art-rock, baroque pop and experimental noise.
Layout, Photography
Suddenly Sarah . EP artwork
Artwork for the first chapter of morningdeer’s EP, ‘The Four Painters’.
Layout, Photography
Fekete Zaj
Brand identity and promotional elements, such as posters and social media items for Fekete Zaj (Black Noise), an independent underground music festival located in the mountains of Matra, Hungary. Here the goal was to create a framework that organizers can use and easily alter for a wide scale of purposes. Another important visual aspect was to reflect to the atmosphere of the in-forest location and the industrial / electronic / post-punk music scene of the festival.
Brand identity, Layout, Photography
68˚ North
This small-run zine collects a selected range of photographs I took on Lofoten Islands, Norway, in the Autumn of 2014. Created for Bergen Art Fair 2015 and printed in a newspaper-like format of 52 pages, 375mm x 520mm, 55gsm. The zine was sold together with a custom-made tote bag, which can be seen in the last picture.
Editorial, Layout, Photography
Accidental Clichés
Accidental Clichés is an experiment around basic geometrical shapes inspired by the ornamental forms and Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv, blended with photos I took of Israeli landscapes on my trip back in 2017. This zine was made for Bergen Art Fair 2017 and printed in a small newspaper-like format of 32 pages, 210mm x 297mm, 55gsm, limited to 100 copies.
Editorial, Layout, Photography
Stalker for The Criterion Collection
A collaboration with the legendary Criterion Collection for the re-release of Andrei Tarkovsky’s timeless classic, Stalker. The goal was to build a bridge between Stalker’s cinematography and modern graphic design by using Tarkovsky’s photography, and to expand that with minimalistic illustrations. This involved making a limited-edition poster and a Blu-Ray box set, including the wrap, inserts, discs and menus.
Illustration, Layout
Szep versek (Nice poems) and Korkep (Panorama) are annual anthology books released since 1963 by one of the largest Hungarian publishing company, Magveto. Szep versek is a collection of poems, while Korkep contains several short novels. The covers are made by different collaborators every year and here I had the honour to design the 2018 edition of the series.
Illustration, Layout
A funny little experiment I did with singer-songwriter Morningdeer about switching perspectives: contrary to our prior collaborations, first I created a custom artwork, which Kriszti wrote a song about, using my inspirations for the visuals to shape the sound that eventually became the last chapter of her EP, The Four Painters.
Layout, Photography
Small illustrations with the goal of raising awareness about obsessive-compulsive disorders. Each of these little drawings contain a seems-to-be-minor-but-annoying-as-hell fault, which can trigger a form of OCD-related reaction in those affected. The pieces were distributed in the form of small posters and flyers in Budapest as part of a small-scale guerilla campaign.
36 days of type
36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers to provide individual interpretations of the letters of our alphabet. My approach to this assignment mainly involved geometry: instead of a direct visualisation, I tried to depict letters as abstract, two-dimensional geometric forms, and experimented with their arrangement to create a false sense of space for the viewer.
Tamas Horvath is a Budapest-based freelance graphic designer. His fields of expertise include creating artworks and visuals for more than 6 years now. He is also focused on digital media, developing website and app layouts, front-end and UX/UI.

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École d'art Maryse Eloy (Visart Paris), Budapest - Bachelor graphic and digital design

The Criterion Collection
Amnesty International
Sony Pictures Entertainment